February 15-16, 2019 / Coimbra, Portugal

Logistics is concerned with an effective and efficient planning, implementation, and control of forward and reverse flow and storage of services, goods, and related information between a point of origin and a point of destination according to some customers’ requirements. To meet this end, logistics systems are being implemented to respond rapidly to the growing requirements of today’s global supply chains and transportation systems in providing resource-efficient, secure, sustainable, and timely distribution of services and products to their beneficiaries anytime, anywhere. Industrial, governmental, academic, and societal stakeholders are increasingly adopting recent innovative mobile and pervasive technologies to enable logistics related infrastructure, communication networks, processes, and services meet the requirements of next generation citizens, clients, businesses, and governments.

The purpose of the International Conference on Next Generation Logistics (NeLog) is to discuss the recent advances in the field of logistics. We cordially invite researchers, experts, and practitioners from the academy and the industry to present, share, and promote their breakthroughs as well as benefit from the expected fruitful exchanges on advances and applications in the fields of Smart Solutions, Transportation, IoT, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Communication Networks, and Green technologies related to the field of next generation logistics.